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What?s all this about Bed Bugs?

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or own a hotel, motel, or condominium, you have probably heard or read about Bed Bugs on the news, in the paper, and on the radio.  Everybody?s talking about them and it seems like they are everywhere.  But how do you know if you have them?  If you do have them, what do you do next?




The answer to both of these questions if you live in Volusia or Flagler County is to call Bug*Master, Inc. at 386-253-9600.

If you or any of your family members have traveled within the last few months, or have had guests stay at your home recently and have noticed bugs crawling on you at night in bed or on your couch.  Often people will notice sores appearing on their bodies without explanation, or small red dots (actually blood stains) on their bed sheets.  The bugs themselves are usually visible along the edges of the mattress or box springs (adults are about the size of a tick). 



Our technicians and sales staff have been thoroughly trained to identify and eliminate Bed Bugs quickly and effectively.  We can treat one room, or if necessary, the whole house.  We also install bedding encasements so you don?t have to throw away your valuable box springs and mattresses.  Treatment for an average size house usually takes less than one day so you can get back to living your life and loving your home.  In the most severe cases, we can even tent fumigate your home.




How can you get Bed Bugs in your home?


Bed Bugs are typically brought into your house, and anybody can get them. Cleanliness is neither an issue, nor a contributing factor.  This can happen several ways.  Just a few examples are:

  • By a member of your household spending the night at a hotel that has them.   

  • By a member of your household spending the night at a motel that has them.   

  • By a member of your household spending the night at a resort that has them. 

  • By a member of your household simply spending the night at a friend?s house that has them. 

  • Also, they are frequently brought in by a guest staying with you (who unknowingly picked them up somewhere else).

  • Bed Bugs crawl on and hide in clothing, stored items, in suitcases, pretty much anything, usually at night while you are asleep.

Regardless of how they got in, it is most important to know that:

  1. Bed Bugs are one of - if not the - most difficult infestations to eliminate.

  2. Regular pest control service for roaches, ants, etc. will not get rid of them.

  3. Bed Bugs are not covered under most routine pest control contracts (or ?service agreements?).

  4. It takes special training and materials to eliminate Bed Bugs, and the team here at Bug*Master, Inc. is ready to help solve your problem!

For further unbiased information on Bed Bugs, we recommend you take a look at this link from the University of Florida.

(Please understand, we at Bug*Master, Inc. do not use or endorse all of the treatment procedures referenced in the link above, however, we feel that it is a good source of information and appreciate all of the hard work that The University of Florida has done for the Pest Management industry ? GO GATORS!)

If you or anybody you know has, or thinks they have Bed Bugs in their home, motel, hotel, condominium, or apartment in Volusia or Flagler County, call Bug*Master, Inc. at 386-253-9600 today and schedule your free inspection or click ?contact us? at the top of this page and we will contact you at your convenience.


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