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Tips For Pest Prevention:

A well sealed house is always the best way to keep pests out in the first place.  Make sure doors fit securely and tightly - especially at the bottom.  During the day when it is sunny out, close your door and look at the bottom, if you can see light, bugs can get in.  A door sweep is an inexpensive way to correct this situation and can be bought at most any hardware store.  Also, make sure window screens are in place and do not have holes or tears in them, and fit snugly in place. 

Check soffit, attic, and foundation vents as well as where conduits (electric, plumbing, etc.) enter your home.  If there are holes or gaps in any of these larger than ½ inch, they can allow insects and rodents to enter your home or building and should be repaired or sealed.  Also, cracks in the foundation or exterior of your home should be caulked or otherwise sealed.

Wood rot of any type should be repaired as soon as it is noticed on wood siding, soffis, or fascias.  Carpenter Ants, as well as termites and other wood destroying insects are attracted to rotten wood and will quickly take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have standard white or clear light bulbs on the exterior of your home near doors or windows, consider replacing them with yellow “bug lights” available at most any hardware store.  This will reduce the number of nocturnal insects drawn to the lights at night and also reduce the population of spiders that feed on them.

Where trees and shrubbery are near your home, make sure to keep limbs trimmed away from siding and roof areas to help keep ants and rodents out of your home.  Also be sure to keep shrubs, etc. pruned back from your foundation or siding by at least 12 inches to allow proper air circulation and to prevent moisture build up.

Mulch LevelsKeep mulch levels no more than 1 inch deep in plant beds around your house.  Mulch over 1 inch deep is an excellent place for insects, including Subterranean Termites, to live and breed.  Contrary to popular belief, mulch normally is not a major cause of termite infestations provided that mulch is maintained at the proper level (as proven by a University of Florida study).  Where mulch is conducive to termite infestation is when mulch is too deep or covers wood siding or stucco.

Always make sure to maintain 3 to 4 inches of clearance between wood siding or stucco and soil, mulch, or any other ground covering.  This is by far how most Subterranean Termite infestation start.  Not only does this allow Subterranean Termites a direct route into your home, but also makes detection of their presence very difficult if not impossible until they have begun doing damage or they swarm.  This situation will void most any Subterranean Termite warranty (or “bond”) on your home.  In addition, for wood sided homes or buildings, this can also be a major factor for wood rot and Carpenter Ant infestations.

Ant TrailNever stack firewood or lumber next to your home.  This allows Subterranean Termites - as well as numerous other bugs - a pathway into your home and will allow a “bridge” over any chemical barrier designed to keep Subterranean Termites out of your home.  This situation also will void most any Subterranean Termite warranty (or “bond”) on your home.  In addition, for wood sided homes or buildings, this can also be a contributing factor for wood rot and Carpenter Ant infestations.

If boxes are brought into your home that have been in storage, it is a good idea to unpack them outside and bring the contents in separately.  Silverfish, roaches, and spiders can easily be brought into your home in boxes that have been stored in warehouses and other such buildings.  Also, if a friend asks to keep some things in boxes, or items such as televisions or computers, etc. at your house, be aware that if your friend has German Roaches where these things were kept before, you will have them too if they are in the items brought into your home - we have seen this exact situation many times.

If you have an ant infestation or are starting to notice ants in your home - DO NOT SPRAY THEM!!!  Call us immediately so that we can begin treatment as soon as possible.  Many times, spraying ants with over the counter pesticides will spread the ants and possibly split the colony - which means that instead of having only one nest, you could quickly have 2 or 3 (or more), making it much more difficult and time consuming to get them under control.  The best way to get rid of ants quickly is to have them treated by a professional as soon as they are noticed in the home.

Have your home inspected at least once a year by a professional to make sure there is no visible evidence of termites or other wood destroying insects.  Professionals are trained to recognize signs that can very easily be overlooked by even the most diligent homeowner.

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